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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

2010 Press Releases

The following press releases showcase the most recent news about programs, events, medical breakthroughs and announcements at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

2010 Press Releases

Staying Healthy for the Holidays -12/21/2010

Youth Leader by Day, Doctor by Night - 12/21/2010

Northwestern Memorial Maintains Top Status in Nursing Hospital Renewed for Nurse Magnet® - 12/17/2010

Shoveling Heavy Snow can be a Major Heart Risk - 12/13/2010

New Trial Studies the Link Between Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke - 12/07/10

First Snow Expected, Gear Up for Cold Weather and Snow Removal - 12/03/2010

Thankful for a New Life this Holiday Season - 11/29/2010

 Community Health Centers Offer a Vision for Quality Eye Care - 11/24/10

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Offers New Hope for Treating Cardiovascular Disease- 11/17/2010

Lung Cancer Patients the Centerpiece for Northwestern Medicine Quality of Care Study - 11/17/2010

101-Year-Old Undergoes transapical Aortic Valve Replacement- 11/15/2010

Patients receiving dialysis are at a heightened risk for sudden cardiac death -11/14/2010

Northwestern Medicine at AHA's Scientific Sessions - 11/12/2010

Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD Recipient of the American Heart Association's 2010 Chairman's Award- 11/12/2010

Small Assist Device Used in Emergency Cases as Twin, Heart Booster Pumps for First Time in U.S. - 11/11/2010

Myocarditis Can Attack Hearts without Warning - 11/12/2010

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wins Consumer Choice Award for 12th Consecutive Year-10/18/2010

United Flight 232 Hero Faces Brain Cancer with Courage- 10/14/2010

Low Beta Blocker Dose Can Put Patients At Risk for Subsequent Heart Attacks- 10/14/2010

Hearts will "Bluhm" throughout the City of Chicago in February 2011 -10/04/2010

Gearing Up for Flu Season: What to Know to Stay Healthy - 10/04/2010

Strangers Share the Gift of Life - 09/22/2010

Northwestern First Site Open for Spinal Cord Stem Cell Trial - 09/22/2010

First Annual Atrial Fibrillation Seminar: The Beat on Atrial Fibrillation - 09/15/2010

Northwestern Memorial Ranks Among the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers for the 11th Consecutive Year - 09/14/2010

Chefs at Northwestern Memorial's Prentice Women's Hospital Take Fresh Food to a Whole New Level - 09/02/2010

Clinical Activities and Outcomes 2009 - 09/01/2010

Preventive Cancer Surgeries Save Women's Lives- 08/31/2010

Mark K. Eskandari, MD Named Chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery - 08-25-2010

Male Menopause Affects More than Five Million Men - 08/20/2010

Northwestern Medicine, Walgreens and Near North Health Service Team Up to Combat Diabetes in Chicago's Food Deserts - 08/11/2010

Small Assist Device Used in Emergency Case as Twin, Heart Booster Pumps for First Time in U.S. - 08/10/10

Women Know Your Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease - 08/10/10

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Releases Statement Assuring Heart Valve Ring Patients- 08/09/10

Northwestern's Hispanic Transplant Program Expands to Include Liver Patients - 8/05/10

Transition Kids Early for a Successful Start to the School Year - 08/02/210

Northwestern Memorial Physician Contributes to First Ever National AIDS Strategy- 07/21/2010

Northwestern Memorial Among America's Best Hospitals in 12 Clinical Specialties According to U.S. News' 2010 Rankings - 07/15/2010

Extra Pounds Reduce Memory - 07/14/2010

Northwestern Memorial Opens Transplant Clinic in Joliet - 07/08/2010

Northwestern Memorial Named Among “100 Most Wired” Hospitals -07/07/2010

Sizzling Temperatures Continue to Soar: Don't Let the Heat Defeat You  - 07/07/2010

Enjoy Summer Festivities without Packing on the Pounds  - 07/01/2010

New Formula Gives First Accurate Peak Heart Rate For Women - 06/29/2010

Vascular Surgery Research Trial for Descending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Opens for Recruitment- 6/29/2010

Five Ways to Live Heart Healthy this Summer  - 06/02/2010

Northwestern Memorial Recognizes Arkes Family for Generous Gift  -06/01/2010

Robotic Assisted Vasectomy Reversal Offers Greater Chance of Fatherhood  - 05/27/2010

Beat the Heat: Ten Sun Safety Tips  - 05/26/2010

Recognize the Warning Signs of Stroke  - 05/24/2010

Innovative Program Exposes High School Students to Healthcare Careers - 05/17/2010

Reading and Writing to Heal the Pain  - 05/17/2010

Northwestern Hosts Event to Call Attention to Childhood Obesity Epidemic -05/12/2010

Northwestern Memorial Salutes Outstanding Nurses  - 5/07/2010

Clean Up Your Act: Scrub Those Hands - 5/07/2010

Behavioral Changes As Effective As Medication In Treating Insomnia - 5/07/2010

Clinical Trial Hopes to Redefine Standard of Care for Scoliosis Patients - 5/06/2010

Patients Presenting Medication Lists Reduce the Risk of Error During Hospital Admission -05/05/2010

Large Study Tests if Exercise Can Prevent Disability in Older Adults  - 5/05/2010

Sixteen Patients, Eight Kidney Transplants, Three Days…One Life Changing Event - 4/28/10

'Run for Prentice' Offers the Perfect Present for Mom  - 04/26/2010

Northwestern Memorial's Patricia Garcia, MD, Named to Presidential AIDS Council   - 4/23/2010

New Blood Test May be as Effective as Biopsy for Detecting Signs of Organ Rejection - 4/22/2010

Men's Dismissive Attitude Toward Own Health Can Prove Dangerous  - 4/15/2010

The Key to Weight Loss May be in Your Breath - 4/12/2010

Northwestern Cancer Program Recognized for Outstanding Achievement  - 3/31/2010

Northwestern Memorial Named one of the Nation’s Top 100 Hospitals -3/30/2010

Northwestern Flips the Switch to Support Earth Hour  - 3/27/2010

Spring Air Delivers Allergy Symptoms for Millions  - 3/23/2010

Northwestern Partners With Scientists, Engineers and Instrument Makers for CT Scan on Collection of Rare, 300-Year-Old Violins  - 3/18/10

Northwestern's Hunt Batjer, MD, Named New Co-Chair of NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee  - 3/17/2010

Magellan Development Half Marathon and 10K to Benefit Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute  - 3/16/10

Experts Say It's Not So Bad to Go a Little Mad   - 3/15/2010

Northwestern Memorial Sleep Experts Offer Tips To Help You Spring Forward With Ease  - 3/12/10

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Clinicians Reflect on their Experiences in Haiti  - 03/09/2010

'Til Death Do Us Part  - 3/09/2010

A Climb for Chloe  - 3/04/2010

Advancing Women's Health in Illinois  - 03/04/2010

Northwestern Memorial Named Among Top Companies for Executive Women    - 3/02/2010

Northwestern Memorial Staff Take on Tall Challenge in 2010 Hustle up the Hancock  - 3/1/2010

Twice As Many Women to be Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes  - 2/26/10

Surgery and Stenting Found to be Equally Safe and Effective for Stroke Prevention in Patients with Carotid Artery Disease  - 2/26/10

Cancer Patients Find Relief in Integrative Medicine Services   - 2/25/2010

FDA Approves Assist Device For Permanent Use  - 2/23/10

Hormone Changes during Menopause Increases Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke   - 2/22/2010

New Center Provides Chicago Physicians Access to use Electronic Health Records  - 2/17/10

Program Promotes Heart Health and Medicine Careers to High School Girls  - 2/15/10

Friends of Prentice Now a Participating Charity of the Chicago Marathon  - 2/12/10

Transplant Cardiologist Shares Personal Story to Illustrate of the Importance of Blood Donation  - 2/05/2010

Rehabilitative Volunteerism Improves Skills and Changes Lives of Participants  - 2/03/2010

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare Finalizes Affiliation with Lake Forest Hospital  - 1/29/2010

Northwestern Medical Response Team Leaves for Haiti  - 1/26/2010

Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group Opens Convenient Care Clinic  -1/26/2010

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Experts Offer Tips to Beat Stress  -1/25/2010

Vascular Surgery Clinical Trial Opens for Acute Complicated Type B Aortic Dissection - 01/24/10

The Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders Study (The LIFE Study) - 01/23/10

Chicago Cubs Caravan Visits Northwestern Memorial Hospital Oncology Patients - 01/20/2010

PARTNER Research Trial Available for Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis - 1/19/2010

Northwestern Memorial Hosts 31st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Program - 01/18/2010

Ten Tips to Help Relieve Dry Winter Skin  - 01/15/2010

Empowered, Knowledgeable Patients: Tune In and Learn About Preventing a Heart Attack and Menopause and Your Heart  - 01/14/2010

Northwestern Memorial Expands Radiosurgery Program to Treat Tumors Throughout the Body   - 01/05/2010

As Frigid Temperatures Continue, Physicians Remind Chicagoans to Take Extra Precaution - 01/04/2010


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