Median time spent in Emergency Department for patients discharged from the Emergency Department:

From the time the patient checks into the Emergency Department, to the time the patient is sent home from the Emergency Department


Why is this measure important?

Many patients who visit the Emergency Department do not need further care in the hospital. These patients are sent home, or discharged, from the Emergency Department. 
Reducing the time patients need to spend in the Emergency Department improves their comfort and satisfaction.

What does this measure show?

This measure shows the median number of minutes patients spend in the Emergency Department before they are sent home (discharged).

Definition of median:  This is the half-way point in the data.  One-half of patients spent less than this time, and one-half spent longer.
For this measure, a lower number is better.
Most Recent Available Data (Number)
  2013 Q1
Northwestern Memorial 232
National Average 137
State Average 137
Performance Trend (Number)
  2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2013 Q1
Northwestern Memorial 230 232 232
National Average 140 138 137
State Average 138 139 137
Source:Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,
CMS_680_ ED to discharge Avg time