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Median wait time in Emergency Department:

From the time the doctor decides to admit the patient, to the time the patient leaves the Emergency Department for an inpatient bed


Why is this measure important?

Patients sometimes need more care than the Emergency Department can give. These patients are admitted to the hospital as inpatients and moved to a different unit for inpatient care.
Reducing the time patients spend in the Emergency Department before moving to an inpatient bed is more comfortable for patients and can help provide faster access to care. 

What does this measure show?

This measure shows the median number of minutes patients spend in the Emergency Department between the time the doctor decides they need to be admitted and the time they leave for an inpatient bed.
Definition of median: This is the half-way point in the data. One-half of patients spent less than this time, and one-half spent longer.
For this measure, a lower number is better.
Most Recent Available Data (Number)
  2013 Q1
Northwestern Memorial 161
National Average 97
State Average 90
Performance Trend (Number)
  2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2013 Q1
Northwestern Memorial 195 187 161
National Average 96 96 97
State Average 90 90 90
Source:Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, www.cms.gov
CMS_679_ ED decision to depart Avg time
Last UpdateApril 23, 2014

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