Safety focused scheduling (Leapfrog Group)

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“A patient getting ready for a scheduled inpatient surgery should consider hospitals that use operations management methods (e.g. queuing theory, variability management, etc) to smooth patient flow across operating rooms that service inpatients.”
“Delays and cancellations have become so common in the U.S. health care delivery system that both patients and providers have come to accept these disruptions as an inevitable part of the health care delivery process. These disruptions in patient flow result in enormous frustration to patients, families, and staff, with negative effects on patient satisfaction, staff retention, referrals, and reimbursement. Most importantly, these patient flow disruptions have a direct impact on patient safety.”
“Hospitals can apply scientific methods from the field of operations management (e.g. variability management, queuing theory), to their existing capacities to eliminate unnatural variability in patient scheduling, resulting in more optimal scheduling of patient procedures and improved patient flow. These operations management methods have been used by manufacturing and other service industries for decades to understand, manage, and optimize the performance of complex systems to meet cost, safety, and quality objectives (e.g., Toyota production model).” 

About this measure

“To fully meet Leapfrog’s standard, hospitals will need to have applied operations management methods to all of its operating rooms that service inpatients and either document an average utilization of 85% or greater across those units post-implementation or document a 15% improvement in the utilization of those units (or initially a 5% improvement by the end of year 1 or a 10% improvement by the end of year 2)."
Scores are reported as:
1 = Willing to Report
2 = Some Progress
3 = Substantial Progress
4 = Fully Meets Standards
Note: In this case, a higher number is better. 
Most Recent Available Data (Leapfrog Points)
Northwestern Memorial 4
Leapfrog Goal Fully Meets Standards 4
Source:Leapfrog Group,
Safety Focused Scheduling