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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago


The Cancer Genetics Program is a joint service between the Division of Hematology/Oncology and the Division of Clinical Genetics. The goal of our program is to prevent cancer, or if cancer occurs, to detect it as early as possible by identifying individuals at increased risk.

We provide individualized cancer risk assessment and health management recommendations to individuals and families at increased risk for cancer due to their personal and/or family history of cancer.

The Cancer Genetics Program is under the direction of Lee Shulman, MD, Geneticist, Division of Clinical Genetics and Virginia Kaklamani, MD, Medical Oncologist, Division of Hematology/ Oncology and a multidisciplinary team comprised of genetic counselors, medical oncologists and medical geneticists.


To schedule an appointment for your personalized risk assessment, contact the Cancer Genetics Program at 312-695-0320.

Last UpdateFebruary 8, 2011