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Clinical Genetics provides information needed to make informed decisions about current and future pregnancies, and family planning.

Women who fall into the following categories are candidates for genetic testing:

  • Women over 35 years of age who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • Women who have had ultrasound or other tests that indicate an increased risk of birth defect
  • Women who have had multiple miscarriages
  • Women who have a child with a birth defect, inherited disorder or mental retardation
  • Women who have questions or concerns related to genetic disorders common within their ethnic group

Prentice Women's Hospital's nationally-recognized clinical genetics program provides you with advanced testing to aid in prenatal screening and diagnosis for a variety of birth defects and genetic disorders. We can also provide genetic counseling for issues related to infertility, contraception and pregnancy.

Nearly 95 percent of the women who undergo genetic tests discover that their baby does not have a genetic disorder—a result that allows them to continue their pregnancies with peace of mind. When a problem is discovered, this early knowledge gives us the opportunity to evaluate multiple treatment options. In addition, our Fetal Anomaly Intervention Team provides psychological, spiritual and expert medical support to families when an abnormality has been diagnosed before birth.

More Information

For more information about our clinical genetics program, please call 312-472-4151.

Last UpdateJune 6, 2011


For more information or to make an appointment please call 312-472-4151.