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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

Screening Guidelines

The following is a general guide to determine if you should be screened for genetic testing:

  • Women over the age of 35 who are pregnant or who plan to become pregnant
  • Pregnant women who have had blood tests or ultrasound results that indicate possible increased risk for a birth defect
  • Men who have had infertility due to low or absent sperm count
  • Women who have infertility due to multiple miscarriages or premature ovarian failure
  • Couples who already have a child with a birth defect, inherited genetic disorder or mental retardation
  • Couples with personal or family history of birth defects, inherited genetic disorders or mental retardation
  • Men and women who may have been exposed to certain environmental risk factors, such as radiation, chemicals, infections, drugs or medications
  • Couples who are close blood relatives of each other
  • Anyone who has questions and concerns about inherited and/or genetic traits and disorders within their ethnic group
  • Anyone carrying multiple fetuses
Last UpdateFebruary 8, 2011


For more information or to make an appointment please call 312-472-4151.