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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

About Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapists are highly skilled medical specialists educated in physics, radiobiology, radiation safety, anatomy, and patient care.  Radiation therapists administer targeted doses of ionizing radiation to treat cancer and other diseases.  Radiation therapists work for hospitals, clinics, and technical companies within the industry.  Advanced career opportunites exist in fields including education, administration, and research. 

Daily tasks of radiation therapists include:

  • Reviewing prescription and diagnosis
  • Preparing patients for daily radiation treatments
  • Delivering daily radiation treatments
  • Evaluating and monitoring treatment-delivery equipment
  • Performing radiation dose calculations
  • Assisting in dosimetry procedures and tumor localization
  • Providing high-quality patient care
  • Collaborating with physicians and other members of the healthcare team

Last UpdateNovember 4, 2013