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There are two radiography program enrollment options available. Qualified applicants must meet one of the following criteria and pass prerequisite courses listed below. The Northwestern Memorial School of Radiography offers a 21-month certificate program. 

Bachelor's Degree Program (2+2)

This option is for applicants who want to earn a bachelor's degree. Students enroll in the Radiography Degree Program at the University of St. Francis, Lewis University, or Roosevelt University and participate in the 21-month clinical and didactic program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The affiliated institution provides all required prerequisite and non-clinical professional courses. A grade point average of 2.5 or higher for undergraduate courses (cumulative and prerequisite courses) is required.  After completing the first two years of coursework, students apply for acceptance into the program at Northwestern Memorial; however, there is no guaranteed acceptance, as the program uses a competitive selection process.

Certificate Program

This option is for applicants who have completed necessary prerequisite coursework from an accredited college or university with a Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher (cumulative and prerequisite courses), and a minimum of an Associate's Degree. 

Remedial-level coursework and radiography-specific credits from other programs will not be accepted. All applicants, regardless of admission option, must have maintained an acceptable GPA of 2.5 or higher (cumulative and prerequisite courses) in order to be considered. A panel interview will be part of the selection process.

Effective 2013, all applicants must have completed an A.S. Degree (or higher) at the time of program enrollment, unless they are enrolling through an academic affiliate, 2 + 2 Bachelor's Degree program.

Selection Criteria

Students will be evaluated according to the following criteria as part of the competitive selection process:

  1. GPA: cumulative and for prerequisite courses
  2. Grades in the pre-requisite courses
  3. Application and essay
  4. Professional references
  5. Background and educational experience
  6. Medical experience (if applicable)
  7. Panel interview scores

Prerequisite courses are:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
    minimum of two semesters**
  • College Algebra or Statistics
    minimum of three credits**
  • Written Communication
    minimum of three credits
  • Oral Communication
    minimum of three credits

** Must have been taken within seven years from the date of application.

All prerequisite courses must be completed and passed with a grade of "C" or higher, from an accredited college or university, by August 31 of their enrollment year. Final acceptance is contingent upon successful completion of all prerequisite courses. No remedial-level coursework will be accepted for prerequisite course credit.

School of Radiography Technical Standards

Applicants must perform medical procedures with accuracy and precision. The nature of the work is such that speed, safety and accuracy are essential skills. While failure to perform these essential functions may not prevent individuals from practicing in the clinical setting, lack of any or all of these abilities may prove challenging to the work experience and may compromise patient safety or the diagnostic value of procedures.

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must, with or without reasonable accommodation, have the ability to meet the following technical standards. These standards are considered essential functions and skills of the profession.

Please read the School of Radiography Program Technical Standards (pdf).

TOEFL Policy

See our TOEFL Policy (pdf).

Applicant Checklist for Radiography Program

To ensure you have completed all of the necessary steps in the application process, please view our Radiography Applicant Checklist (pdf).

Last UpdateApril 18, 2013