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Liver Transplant Protocol for HIV-infected Recipients

Liver Transplant Protocol for HIV-infected Recipients


The primary aim of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of solid organ transplantation in people with HIV disease by conducting a prospective, multi-center cohort study of HIV-positive patients who undergo kidney or liver transplantation.

Our long-range goals are: (1) to provide patients and clinicians with information regarding the HIV-specific risks of transplantation, (2) to provide clinicians with information necessary to manage immunosuppressive and antiretroviral (ARV) medications together, and (3) to understand underlying basic science mechanisms that explain patient outcomes so that clinical management may be adjusted to maximize these outcomes.

Inclusion Criteria:

All individuals with decompensated or end stage liver disease and HIV infection who otherwise meet standard clinical criteria for liver transplantation will be evaluated for liver transplantation.

Organ transplant candidates with HIV infection must have evidence of sustained viral suppression, long-term stabilization of the immune system, and no active opportunistic infections, malignancies, or wasting disease.



Principle Investigator:

Tina Stosor, MD



IRB Project Number:



Sarah Hively-Johnson

Last UpdateMarch 25, 2011