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Cancer Care: Committed to Our Patients

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Before she learned she had breast cancer, Karen Strauss enjoyed life tending to her three young children, working and volunteering. When she was diagnosed in 1997, all of that suddenly changed. She worried especially about her kids. “Because of the aggressive nature of my tumor, I was terrified that I wasn’t going to be around for them,” she says.

Karen chose the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for the exceptional quality and quantity of services. She found the highly experienced staff, extensive research and numerous experimental protocols particularly compelling. Karen also knew she wanted a program that offered the complete range of care she might need as she pursued treatment.

Treating the Whole Patient

Director of the Lurie Cancer Center and Genevieve Teuton Professor of Medicine, Steven T. Rosen, MD, emphasizes the commitment to treating not just the disease, but the entire patient. “We pride ourselves in a very strong dialogue between all of the medical specialties,” he explains. “Not only do we have comprehensive discussions among the cancer experts, but we’re also fortunate being a large academic medical center to have great strengths in all of the related fields.”

Karen Strauss

As Karen progressed along her path to recovery, undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, she observed her whole medical team at Northwestern Memorial working together on her behalf. She found referrals within Northwestern Memorial "equally excellent" and was pleased these physicians had access to her medical history.

Beyond clinical expertise, Karen appreciated the kindness of the entire staff. “Every single person has been warm and supportive,” she says. Similarly, Dr. Rosen emphasizes the extraordinary depth of Lurie Cancer Center clinicians. “They were recruited here not merely because of their intellect and their medical knowledge but also because we’ve created an environment where we want compassionate individuals,” he notes.

Enjoying Life Again

Healthy now, Karen enjoys life again and makes sure to give back. At the Lurie Cancer Center, she volunteers to speak with current patients, serves on the advisory board and participates in the annual Cancer Survivors' Celebration & Walk, the largest cancer survivor celebration in the country. She admires Northwestern Memorial’s proactive response to patient suggestions, providing speakers, referrals and community resources. In addition to cancer follow-up care, Karen relies on the hospital for other medical needs that may arise. “There is no way I can thank Northwestern enough for giving me back my health and taking care of me in every aspect of my life,” she says.    

Why Choose the Lurie Cancer Center

About Our Center

The Lurie Cancer Center cares for more patients than any other cancer program in Illinois and is one of the largest programs in the country. There were 900 new patients per month in 2009 and nearly 5000 cancer admissions during 2008. The Lurie Cancer Center has received highly selective recognition from such prominent institutions as the National Cancer Institute and the American College of Surgeons. It is also one of the elite National Comprehensive Cancer Network institutions, representing the country’s top cancer centers.

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About Our Physicians

Lurie Cancer Center physicians, national thought leaders in cancer care, are committed to providing patients with the most modern and advanced therapies. Hundreds of clinical trials offer access to the latest drugs, special programs address several rare cancers and all care for women’s cancers is provided in the Prentice Women’s Hospital. When they are not treating patients, these world-renowned physicians write treatment guidelines and travel internationally to educate other physicians on treatment options.

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About Our Support

“Every individual is treated with empathy, dignity and respect with the ultimate goal of providing the finest care possible,” says Dr. Rosen. “I think they recognize the conscientious care that’s being given and the fact that the staff is dedicated to helping them in any way possible.” 

Extensive cancer support offerings include access to mental health providers, health educators, nutritionists, skin care and integrative medicine services as well as programs in cancer genetics, oncofertility and early detection and prevention. Survivors of women’s cancers and adult survivors of childhood cancers can take part in formal programs that address long-term issues.

Support groups include:


If you have questions about our program, please call 866-LURIE.CC (1-866-587-4322) or email cancer@northwestern.edu.



Last UpdateMarch 5, 2014