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Cancer Control Month

Imaging Center with Patient

In honor of National Cancer Control Month this April, Northwestern Memorial Hospital encourages you to incorporate cancer prevention efforts into your routine.  Making healthy choices in your daily life and participating in cancer screenings are some of the ways you can reduce your risk of developing this disease. Northwestern Memorial provides a variety of programs that can help you pursue this goal. 

Learn how to Quit Smoking

Smoking is clearly linked to cancer and other diseases. While quitting can be difficult, Northwestern Memorial’s programs in smoking cessation can help you end this dangerous habit for good. Developed with your success as our goal, group sessions cover topics ranging from behavior modification to nicotine replacement therapy and more. Individual appointments are also available. 

Make the Right Food Decisions

Did you know that making healthy eating choices may help reduce the risk of cancer? Our programs in nutrition allow you to develop and apply healthy eating strategies in your life. The Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness has healthcare professionals available to help you identify an optimal nutrition plan for your needs, whether you have specific medical concerns or just want to improve your diet.

Be Active

An active lifestyle can be fun and may even help lower the risk of cancer. Experienced, certified exercise physiologists at the Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness provide individual exercise programs designed around your specific needs and goals. Fitness classes are also available featuring many popular formats, such as yoga and pilates. There are as many as 40 classes each week. Special sessions are even offered for specific groups, such as expectant mothers and older adults.

Get Screened

Early diagnosis can be an important key to surviving cancer. The Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University offers cancer screenings and education through several specialized early detection programs. These include breast cancer risk assessment and management, cancer genetics and a pigmented lesion clinic which also provides patients with sun protection information. Other early detection programs focus on prostate and ovarian cancers.

There are many cancer prevention strategies, and some may require only minor adjustments in your life. Taking measures like using proper sun protection and knowing your family history could lessen your chance of developing this disease. Learn more about cancer control on Lurie Cancer Center's Web site:

Now that summer is close, remember to get screened for skin cancer. The Department of Dermatology sees patients concerned about skin cancer. 

Health References

To find further trustworthy information about cancer and other health topics, explore the Health Learning Center’s Health References. Here, you will find many resources, including books, journals and Web sites. 


If you need to find a physician, please call our physician referral services at 1-877-926-4664 or request an appointment online.

Last UpdateFebruary 8, 2011