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New Online Physician Finder on nmh.org

NMH.org Physician Finder

Northwestern Memorial Hospital has a goal to always provide the Best Patient Experience, and that applies to using our Web site as well. So in an effort to make sure our Web users have the best possible experience, we have redesigned and enhanced our Physician Finder to make finding the right physician as easy as possible.

Comparing Physicians Side-by-Side

With the new Physician Finder, anyone can compare our staff physicians side-by-side. When searching for a physician, you can choose to compare him or her to others. For example, if you're looking for a cardiologist and you search by specialty, you can go down the list of cardiologists and click on the compare icon for any of the cardiologists you'd like more information about. The physician finder will produce a list that will allow you to look at things like clinical interests, education, locations and more for each of the cardiologists you've chosen.


One of the most exciting enhancements is physician videos. Many physicians have created videos, either about their care or about the types of treatments and procedures they offer. These videos are now linked to their physician finder bios and can be viewed by simply following the video icon displayed at the top of their bio page.

Saving & Sharing Physician Profiles

We now offer an option to save a physician profile to your computer hard drive, which makes it easy to either share or save for later use. If you follow the save icon, your computer will open a new window with the bio visible in printable format. You can then save it to your computer or print it out.

It is also easier to share information about our physicians using our "Email Profile" icon. A new window will open up requesting to and from email addresses. Once you've filled those in, simply select "I accept the Terms of Email Communication," and send. This is a great way to share information about our physicians with your friends and family.

Additional Enhancements

We have added different search options to make the search process easier and more intuitive. Some of the enhancements are:

  • Zip code and distance searches, making it easy to find physicians closest to your home or workplace
  • Search by location, which allows you to type in your address and search for all physicians within a certain distance
  • Advanced search
    • Last name
    • Specialty
    • Clinical Interest
    • Accepted Insurance
    • Gender
    • Availability (whether they accept new patients or not)
    • Language
    • City
    • Location
  • Filtering your search

If you are looking for a female gynecologist near the Gold Coast who accepts new patients, you can filter your search so it only returns the physicians who meet your criteria.

  • Improved navigation

We have enhanced the navigation so users can find their way through the site without having to use the back button to get to the main search page. Now, if you want to start over, you can use the left navigation buttons to find your way back to where you started.

  • Related content additions

Our new format makes it easier to relay relevant information about physicians, their specialties and the treatments they offer. In addition to videos, we can now promote care-related information within the physician bios, including podcasts, articles, stories and more.

  • Accessibility

We have set up the new physician finder in an effort to be as accessible as possible for people with disabilities.

  • The little things

For users who can't remember how to spell their physician's name, we offer two new options - an A to Z list that allows you to browse through all physicians by last name and an intuitive auto-complete search option that can often correct misspellings in case you can't remember how to spell your physician's 15 letter last name. You can now also search for your physician using our main site search, which wasn't possible in the former version.

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Although we are proud of our new physician finder, we are always working to improve. Down the road, we will be adding videos in Spanish by some of our Spanish-speaking physicians, as well as implementing additional enhancements to make the user experience even better.

Making a First Time Appointment

To make an appointment with a physician, please call 1-877-926-4664. New patients can request a first time appointment online as well.



Last UpdateFebruary 8, 2011


To make an appointment with a physician, please call 1-877-926-4664.

New patients can request an appointment online.