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Cancer Genetics

According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, cancer genetics is the study of the changes in genes (mutations) that lead to changes in cells that cause cancer. The study of these mutations provides understanding of how these genetic processes can result in cancer. This research plays a significant role in the early detection, therapy, prevention, and prognosis of the disease.

Internet Resources

Cancer.gov: Cancer Genetics
This link from the National Cancer Institute provides an overview of the genetics of cancer as well as links to other resources.

Genetics Home Reference: Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions
Designed and maintained by the National Library of Medicine, this Web site contains consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes responsible for those conditions. Also includes a clearly written handbook, Help Me Understand Genetics.

American Cancer Society: Genetics and Cancer
The American Cancer Society has many resources available to patients, families, and caregivers.

Cancer.net: Cancer Genetics
The American Society of Clinical Oncology, the professional organization of cancer physicians, provides accurate, reliable, and current information about cancer.

The Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Contains information about the many services offered by the Lurie Cancer Center, one of thirteen founding members of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).


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Journal Articles

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Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Alberto Culver Health Learning Center has joined forces with the American Cancer Society’s Patient Navigator Program to provide assistance to patients and families dealing with cancer. To take advantage of this unique service, provided by a licensed clinical social worker, call 312-926-4282.

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
This non-profit organization provides support, education, advocacy, and research specific to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

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