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Clinical Trials

Internet Resources

Where to Learn about Clinical Trials

MedlinePlus: Clinical Trials
Developed at the National Library of Medicine specifically for consumers, this site is a portal for trusted government-sponsored and privately developed health information for the lay public. Includes an interactive patient education tutorial on clinical trials.

Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP)
The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and informing the public, patients, medical/research communities, the media, and policy makers about clinical research and the role each party plays in the process.

Where to Find Clinical Trials

This database is the most comprehensive central listing of clinical studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, other federal agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, and nonprofit organizations. Also includes some international trials.

Cancer Trials
Database from the National Cancer Institute of the trials they sponsor across the United States. Cooperative Group clinical trials are also included.

Clinical Trials from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is investigating herbs, substances and other therapies that are outside the realm of allopathic medicine. The outcome of these trials will help determine whether certain complementary or alternative therapies are safe and efficacious.

Current Controlled Trials
This site from the United Kingdom endeavors to provide access to as many clinical trials as possible. Although the U.S. site, ClinicalTrials.gov, is part of the database, most of the other sources are European. Completed trials and those not yet recruiting subjects are also included.

CenterWatch: Clinical Trials Listing Service
Good listing of a variety of clinical trials ongoing for many different conditions, as well as new FDA approvals, a clinical trial notification process, industry profiles, and more. This site sometimes offers information about industry-run trials that may not be available elsewhere.

Where to Find Clinical Trials at Northwestern

Northwestern Center for Clinical Research
Visit this site to learn about the active clinical trials being conducted at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Newest trials added are highlighted.

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University
Each year the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University participates in approximately 150 cancer clinical trials involving more than 1,000 patients. Search clinical trials by type of cancer.

Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute Current Clinical Research Trials
The Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of cardiac and vascular specialists who provide the most innovative, current care for all cardiac and vascular conditions.

Where to Learn about Protection of Human Subjects

Guidance for Institutional Review Boards and Clinical Investigators
U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s document for professional researchers on protection of human subjects.

Office of Research Integrity
This office oversees and directs all Public Health Service (PHS) research integrity activities on behalf of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, except for the regulatory research integrity activities of the Food and Drug Administration.


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Journal Articles

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