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Liver Disease

Liver disease is a term that is used for many types of diseases and disorders that cause the liver to function improperly or cease functioning. Abnormal results of liver function tests often suggest liver disease.

Internet Resources

MedlinePlus: Liver Disease
Developed at the National Library of Medicine specifically for health care consumers, this site is a portal for both government-sponsored and privately developed health information targeting the lay public. Site features extensive information about liver disease and how to manage it.

American Liver Foundation
The American Liver Foundation is the nation's leading nonprofit organization promoting liver health and disease prevention. ALF provides research, education, and advocacy for those already affected by hepatitis and other liver related diseases.

Journal Articles

  • Liver disease: prevention and early detection are the key. Mayo Clinic Health Letter. Suppl.:1-8. Feb. 2010
  • Management of hepatitis B virus. ournal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 62(2):224-8. Singh N. Aug. 2008.


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  • 100 Questions & Answers about Liver Cancer. Ghassan K. 2006.
  • Atlas of liver pathology. Kanel G. 2005.
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. Longe JL, ed. 2006. Available in print at the Health Learning Center or electronically at  http://www.nmh.org/nm/health library virtual library  

Video Recordings

  • Mini-Med School – The Liver. Available in the Health Learning Center.


Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Liver Support Group for pre- and post-transplant patients and families at Northwestern Memorial Hospital: Support and education for patients having a liver transplant and their families. Call 312.695.7137 for additional information.

Peer to Peer Support Network
American Liver Foundation, Illinois Chapter 180 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 1870, Chicago, IL 60601. Call 312.377.9030 for additional information, or visit their website.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the  Health Learning Centerat 312.926.5465 or HLC@nmh.org.

Last UpdateDecember 22, 2011