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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

Healthcare for Women in Need

Delivering Healthcare for Women in Need

Omayra Diaz, whose firstborn son developed type 1 diabetes, wanted to make sure she was doing all she could for a healthy second child. Diaz, who is 28 and living with diabetes, traveled from the city's Southwest Side to the downtown medical campus so she could receive prenatal care at Northwestern Memorial’s Prentice Ambulatory Care Clinic.

“They really helped me get my diabetes under control and worked with me,” Diaz says. “A dietitian took me through the process and I became much more conscious about what I was eating.”

Women without adequate medical insurance and those who are uninsured do not always have access to quality specialty care, which is particularly important for high-risk pregnancies. Diaz, whose medical costs are reimbursed through Medicaid, said she was concerned about how her condition might impact her unborn child and sought care associated with Northwestern Memorial's Prentice Women's Hospital where she had delivered her son. In fiscal year 2011, 614 infants were delivered in Prentice Women's Hospital by mothers seen through the clinic.

The Prentice clinic provides routine prenatal care as well as prenatal and postpartum specialty care for women with diabetes and HIV. Counseling services and education also are offered to patients. The clinic manages more than 10,000 patient appointments each year.

Diaz gave birth to a healthy girl. “I am really happy with the care I've received,” she says.

Last UpdateSeptember 22, 2011