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Heart Transplant Program Receives High Scores with Press Ganey

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May 19, 2008

Chicago -

In June 2005, the Center for Heart Failure at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute re-launched the Heart Transplant program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Heart transplantation is offered to patients with end-stage heart failure that can no longer be managed through the use of medications and other therapies.  The first transplant recipient of the re-launched program received her heart transplant on June 7, 2005.  To date, 59 patients have undergone heart transplantation at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, with 100 percent in-hospital survival and greater than 90 percent overall survival.

As a way to monitor heart transplant patient satisfaction at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, the Center for Heart Failure works with Press Ganey.

Center for Heart Failure, Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute Results

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Press Ganey surveys for heart transplantation patients at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute were reviewed for patients transplanted in 2006 (total number of patients = 11) and 2007 (total number of patients = 13). Overall satisfaction was excellent (mean score = 92.5 in 2006 and mean score = 90.0 in 2007, scale:  score of 0 = least satisfied to score of 100 = most satisfied).  Satisfaction with specific areas of care in the hospital were also excellent with all 11 areas having mean scores of greater than 85 in 2006 and only 1 of 11 of the areas having a mean score of less than 85 [mean score = 72 for diet and meals] in 2007.  Furthermore, using the same surveys, satisfaction with patient education was examined.  Mean satisfaction with instructions regarding care at home and explanation of take home medicine was greater than or equal to 94 in 2006 and 2007.  

"The Heart Transplant program is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients - listening to patient feedback is a valuable way to know what we are doing well and to help us identify areas where we need to improve. Given the great importance that Northwestern Memorial Hospital places on the Best Patient Experience, we believe it is very important to share our results with those we serve," stated Gina Ferguson, RN, MJ, heart transplant coordinator.  
Andrea Stone, RN, MJ, manager - Cardiothoracic Step-down Unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital stated, "...the medical and nursing staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is highly skilled and dedicated to providing the best care possible to all patients. In an ongoing effort to promote the Best Patient Experience, we continuously evaluate and address any issues regarding the care of the patient and the patient's family. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is committed to make every effort to maintain the highest patient satisfaction.  

Press Ganey
For more than 20 years, Press Ganey has been providing insight that allows health care organizations to improve the quality of care they provide. The company, based in South Bend, IN, offers the largest comparative customer feedback databases and solution resources.  Press Ganey currently partners with more than 7,000 healthcare facilities - including nearly 40 percent of hospitals in the United States - to measure and improve the quality of their care. Press Ganey sends its surveys to millions of patients, employees, and physicians every year to produce the most comprehensive data on healthcare service quality and safety.

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