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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

Exercise Cardiac Perfusion Study

The exercise cardiac perfusion study checks the blood flow to your heart by measuring your heart's response to exercise. The test detects the presence of coronary artery disease, or blockage in the blood vessels to the heart. It can also determine how severe the blockages are.

The test consists of two separate sets of pictures. The first set is taken when you are at rest. The second set is taken after you walk on an exercise treadmill or pedal a stationary bike. Both scans use a small amount of two radioactive tracers to show the blood flow (perfusion) to the heart muscle. The amount of radiation used in this test is small and well within safe limits. Your total test time will be two and a half to three hours.


For more information regarding this test, please contact Nuclear Cardiology at 312-926-8662

Last UpdateMarch 16, 2011