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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago


Northwestern Memorial's transplant physicians, surgeons, nurses, dietitians and other medical professionals are dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients.

Individually, the team members are among the most experienced and respected medical professionals in the world, having developed and refined many advanced medical and surgical procedures.

Together, they provide a unique resource for patients and physicians who require comprehensive, state-of-the-art care to manage complications of kidney, pancreas, liver and intestinal disorders.

Transplant Surgeons

Michael Abecassis MD
(Division Chief) 
Talia Baker, MD 
Juan Carlos Caicedo, MD  Jonathan Fryer, MD 
Daniela Ladner, MD, MPH  Joseph Leventhal, MD, PhD 
Anton Skaro, MD, PhD  Jason Wertheim, MD 


Steven Flamm, MD
(Chief, Transplant Hepatology) 
Daniel Ganger, MD 
Anne Henkel, MD 
Sean Koppe, MD  Laura Kulik, MD 
Josh Levitsky, MD  Mary Rinella, MD 


(supporting the Liver
and Intestinal Rehabilitation Program)
John Martin, MD 

Transplant Cardiologists

James Flaherty, MD 
Mihai Gheorghiade, MD  Sanjiv Shah, MD   

Transplant Dermatologists

Marad Alam, MD  Simon Yoo, MD 

Transplant Infectious Disease

Michael Ison, MD, MS  Valentina Stosor, MD 

Transplant Psychiatrist

John Franklin, MD   

Transplant Pharmacists

Joslyn Emerson, PharmD  Michael Fang, PharmD 

Physician Assistants

Tiffany McKirnan, PA-C  Brian Moyer, PA-C 
Lynn Nicolaisen, PA-C  Chandra Schmechel, PA-C 

Nurse Practitioners

Rebecca Duke, MSN, APN  Donna Kamuda, APN 
Gulcin Pusuoglu, APN   

Transplant Nurse Coordinators
and Clinic Support

Lori Clark, RN  Elizabeth Dering, RN 
Nina Kay, RN  Alyson Yoder, RN 
Raquel Berven  Markesha Mills 
Shiriane Tate  Karen Zaremba 
Lakeithia Looney   
Erin Alberico, RN  Angel Arroyo, RN 
Caitlin Dierking, RN  Heidi Dybas, RN 
Patricia Gierut, RN  Alexandra Meihofer, RN 
Rebecca Miedema, RN  Lisa Scholz, RN 
Jaclyn Semko, RN  Carly Torraco, RN 
Maria Torres, RN  Jelitsa Zuluaga, RN 
Danielle Cherry  Andre Jones 
Vanessa Tooley   

Clinic Staff Nurses

Connie Aristoza, RN  Anne McDermott, RN 

Transplant Social Workers

Janet Aminoff, LCSW  Jami Hanneman, LCSW 
Martha Escamilla-Arias, LSW  Sara Miller, LCSW 

Transplant Dietitian

Judith Fitzhugh, RD, LDN, CNSD   

Clinical Research Coordinators

Division of Transplant Surgery   
Patrice Al-Saden, RN, CCRC  Jane Charette, RN, CCRC 
Candace Staron, RN  Angela Hecyk, BS, CCRC 
Farida Siddiqui, CCRC  Amanda Sweeney, BS 
Division of Hepatology   
Mary Kozlowski, RN  Deb Murray, RN 
Katie Wherity, RN  Noreen Khan, RN
(Clinical Research Nurse) 
Joanne Gartman, PA-C  Jeanne Gottstein, Coordinator 
Kim Sipich, Coordinator   

Transplant Financial Coordinator

Karla Christensen  Betty Laureano 

Transplant Quality

Anton Skaro, MD, PhD  Eileen DeMayo, RN 
Stacie Landron, RN   

Transplant Administration

Gwen McNatt, MS, RN, CNN, FNP-BC
Corey King
(Operations Manager) 
Steve Nelson
(Performance Manager) 
Nanette Burgess, RN
(Practice Manager) 
Leigh Anne Mixon
(Division Administrator) 
Robert Smith
(Manager, Transplant Finance) 

Program Development

Greg Ciaciura
(Manager, Transplant Development) 
Doug Penrod, RN
(Nurse Coordinator - Outreach) 


Last UpdateMarch 11, 2014


To make an appointment with a physician, please call 1-877-926-4664.

New patients can request an appointment online.