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Radiation therapy is another form of treatment for some types and stages of cancer. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other lung cancer treatments. In lung cancer cases, radiation therapy is most often used to treat stage II and IIIA. During radiation treatment, high-powered beams of energy, like X-rays, are directed toward the cancerous cells with the goal of killing the cells and getting rid of or reducing the cancer.

Radiation therapy can be directed at the lung tumors from outside the body, which is considered external beam radiation, or it can be placed inside your body near the cancer using needles, catheters or tiny radiation seeds, which is considered brachytherapy.

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If you are concerned about lung cancer or other lung diseases, please contact your physician to discuss ways to reduce your risk and whether or not you should be screened for cancer. If you do not have a physician, you may request a first time appointment with a member of our thoracic oncology team by calling 312-695-3800 or call our Physician Referral Service at 1-877-926-4664. You may also request a first time appointment online.

Last UpdateApril 19, 2011


To make an appointment with a physician, please call 1-877-926-4664.

New patients can request an appointment online.