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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago


  • Neonatologists
    Pediatricians specializing in the intensive care of newborns

  • Neonatology Fellows
    Pediatricians in training to become neonatologists
  • Pediatric Residents
    Medical doctors training in pediatrics
  • Primary Nurse
    Registered nurse providing the hands-on care of your baby
  • Developmental Nurse Specialist
    Nurse with advanced training in neonatal development and care
  • Physical Therapist
    Therapist specializing in motor development of newborns
  • Speech Therapist
    Therapist specializing in neonatal feeding and oral motor development
  • Respiratory Therapist
    Therapist responsible for baby's breathing needs
  • Social Worker
    Team member trained to help parents with the difficulties of having a child in the NIC-U
  • Chaplain
    Pastor, priest, or rabbi available to provide spiritual support
  • Lactation Consultants
    Professionals trained in supporting breastfeeding mothers
  • Neonatal Nutritionist
    Dietitian specializing in nutritional management of premature and full-term infants
  • Discharge Planner
    Nurse specializing in coordinating follow-up care for high-risk infants

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Last UpdateMarch 25, 2011


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