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Nursing Publications

Preventing recurrent cerebrovascular events in patients with stroke or transient ischemic attack: the current data. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. July 2011. Deborah L. Bergman MS, RN, FNP-BC.

Slide Set Development for : "Vascular Contributions to cognitive Impairment and Dementia Scientific Statement for Healthcare Professionals from the AHA/ASA". Science News Section on AHA Website. July 2011. Deborah L. Bergman MS, RN, FNP-BC.

Achieving Exceptional Financial Performance through Leadership, Strategy, and Execution. Nursing Economics. July-August 2011. Michelle Janney, RN, PhD, NEA-BC.

Perioperative Care of the Pregnant Woman: Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guideline. Association of Woman's Health and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). June 2011. Carol Burke, MSN, APN.

Are informed consent forms for organ transplantation and donation too difficult to read?. Clinical Transplantation. May 2011. Gwen Mc Natt, RN, MS, FNP-BC (co-author).

Process Changes to Increase Compliance with the Universal Protocol for Bedside Procedures. Archives of Internal Medicine. 171:947-949, May 2011. Helga Brake, PharmD; Cynthia Barnard, MBA, MSJS, CPHQ; Jeff Barsuk, MD; Denise Anderson, RN, BSN, NE-BC

Tap and Twist: Preventing Deep Vein Thrombus in the Neuroscience Patient Through Foot and Ankle Range of Motion Exercises. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. May 2011. Janet Palamone, APN, MSN, CNRN, CCRN; Linda Morris, APN, PhD, CCNS, FCCM; Susan Brunovsky, APN, BSN, RN, CCRN, CNRN; Matthew Groth, RN, BSN, CCRN; Mary J. Kwasny, ScD.

The Evolution of Practice Changes in the Use of Special Observations. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Journal. Journal 13191; April 2011. Richard Ray, RN, MS, PMH-BC; Evelyn Perkins, RN, MS, PMH-BC, NE-BC; Barbara Meijer, RN, PMH-BC.

Focusing on staff awareness and accountability in reducing falls. American Nurse Today - Special Report : Best Practices for Falls Reduction, a Practical Guide. March 2011. Carol Payson, MSN, RN, NE-BC; Ashley Currier, BSN, RN, CMSRN; Marisa Streelman, BSN, RN, CMSRN, OCN.

Intracranial Metastases: Implications for the Oncology Nurse. CCONS Update. 32(1), 1-3; Winter 2011. Margaret A Schwartz, APN, CNRN.

The Evolution of a Centralized Telemetry Program. Nursing Management. 41(11):51-54, November 2010. Patricia Lazzara, RN, MS; Anjana Santos, RN, MBA; Linda F. Hellstedt, APN, MSN; Rita Walter, RN, MS, NE-BC.


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Last UpdateSeptember 8, 2011