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As women age, their bones start to break down. It is important to measure bone mass to determine if special treatment is needed to prevent osteoporosis. To determine bone mass, Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers bone and spine assessment with the state-of-the-art imaging, including:

  • Hologic Discovery Densitometer
    This screening allows us to evaluate your bone health by measuring the bone density in the spine, hip and wrist. The densitometer gives an instant assessment of vertebral morphometric changes which allows us to visualize vertebral fractures (spine fractures).
  • Hologic Delphi W
    This screening allows us to provide you with on-site, easily accessible imaging. This service is provided on both a scheduled and walk-in basis.
  • Whole Body Densitometry and body composition
    These measurements are useful to visualize the percent of muscle mass and fat present. We use this information for research settings or to tailor a weight management plan.
  • Peripheral Bone Densitometry
    Provided to those with low trauma fractures, this procedure is a heel ultrasound and is performed by our osteoporosis nurse clinician.
  • Bone Histomorphometry
    With particular importance with those with complex and medical conditions, this screening allows us to visualize the specific bone components and determine if there are any bone specific abnormalities present.
  • Bone MicroCT Imaging
    This service is a research modality that allows us to visualize the three dimensional structure of bone. Although the service is largely restricted to research, its potential lies in its ability to better document the bone remodeling associated with anabolic agents.

Last UpdateFebruary 8, 2011


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