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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

Overweight Pregnancy Program - Healthy for You, Healthy for Two

The Healthy for You, Healthy for 2 Program was a unique clinical program in the Center of Lifestyle Medicine linked to the Northwestern Comprehensive Center on Obesity (NCCO) designed to help overweight women have healthier pregnancies. The multidisciplinary program was designed to help pregnant women optimize nutrition, physical activity and weight management during pregnancy.

Learn more about Healthy for You, Healthy for 2 in this video.

The tools and information contained in this webpage are suited to anyone interested in achieving optimal weight gain during pregnancy.

Research studies indicate that a mother's tendency toward being overweight may be passed along during her pregnancy to her unborn child. Therefore, by maintaining an optimal weight gain during your pregnancy, your child may be healthier, too.

Information & Education

Information about health weight gain during pregnancy

Tips for good nutrition during pregnancy

Safe exercises during pregnancy

Tips for achieving lifestyle balance during pregnancy


The Healthy for You, Healthy for 2 newsletter offers useful tips and recipes for each month of the year:

Last UpdateJuly 5, 2013