Heart bypass surgery (CABG) volume

A heart bypass surgery, also known as a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)surgery, is a surgery in which the blood flow is rerouted through a new artery or vein that is grafted around diseased sections of a patient’s coronary arteries to increase blood flow to the heart muscle tissue.

CABG requires proficiency which may help to prevent serious complications, such as heart attack, stroke, and death. Higher volumes have been associated with better outcomes (e.g., fewer deaths).

About this measure

This measure displays the number of CABG surgeries the hospital performs. The first graph below shows the number of CABG surgeries performed. The second graph shows the trend over time for this measure,   

Most Recent Available Data (Number)
  2013 Q3
Northwestern Memorial 69
Performance Trend (Number)
  2011 Q4 2012 Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2013 Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q3
Northwestern Memorial 80 58 74 75 60 54 52 69
Source:Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, www.ahrq.gov