Appropriate intensive care unit (ICU) staffing (Leapfrog Group)

The descriptions for this measure come from source:

“Patients should choose a hospital with an intensive care unit (ICU) that is staffed by doctors and other caregivers who have special training in critical care medicine.  These doctors are called ‘intensivists’.”
“A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that quality of care in hospital ICUs is strongly influenced by (i) whether “intensivists” are providing care and (ii) the staff organization in the ICU. Intensivists are familiar with the complications that can occur in the ICU and, thus, are better equipped to minimize errors.”

About this measure

The Leapfrog Group scores Physician Staffing in the ICU based on the availability of intensivists managing the care of patients in the ICU.  Scores are reported as:
1 = Willing to Report
2 = Some Progress
3 = Substantial Progress
4 = Fully Meets Standards

Note: In this measure, a higher number is better.

Most Recent Available Data (Leapfrog Points)
Northwestern Memorial 4
Leapfrog Goal Fully Meets Standards 4
Performance Trend (Leapfrog Points)
  2008 2009 2010 Q4 2011 2012 2013
Northwestern Memorial 4 4 4 4 4 4
Leapfrog Goal Fully Meets Standards 4 4 4 4 4 4
Source:Leapfrog Group,
Appropriate ICU Staffing