Managing serious errors (Leapfrog Group)

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“The National Quality Forum, a nonprofit national coalition of physicians, hospitals, businesses and policy-makers, has identified 28 events as occurrences that should never happen in a hospital and can be prevented. They termed them “serious reportable events”, or never events.  They include surgical events such as performing the wrong surgical procedure, product or device events such as contaminated drugs or devices and criminal events such as abduction of a patient. To see a complete list of never events go to:–2006_Update.aspx

 “Patients should choose a hospital that has implemented Leapfrog's policy on managing serious events (or "never events") such as surgery on the wrong body part or death due to contaminated drugs or devices.”
“The Leapfrog Group asks hospitals to agree to all of the following if a “never” event occurs:
·         Apologize to the patient and/or family.
·         Report the event to one of several organizations or agencies.
·         Investigate its cause and improve processes in response to their analysis.
·         Be willing to share their policy with patients, families, and others.
·         Waive costs directly related to the serious reportable event.”
About this measure
The Leapfrog Group also creates a single score for overall compliance with never events. Scores are reported as:
1 = Willing to Report
2 = Some Progress
3 = Substantial Progress
4 = Fully Meets Standards
Note: In this measure, a higher number is better.
Most Recent Available Data (Leapfrog Points)
Northwestern Memorial 4
Leapfrog Goal Fully Meets Standards 4
Performance Trend (Leapfrog Points)
  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Northwestern Memorial 4 4 4 4 4 4
Leapfrog Goal Fully Meets Standards 4 4 4 4 4 4
Source:Leapfrog Group,
Managing Serious Errors