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Women's Health

Learn more about the types of therapy provided by Rehabilitation Services during hospitalization for women's health issues.

Women’s Health

Some expectant mothers may be placed on bed rest during their pregnancy due to premature rupture of membranes or pre-term labor. Prolonged bed rest can potentially lead to muscle weakness and discomfort.

If you are on prolonged bed rest, physical therapists may work with you at your bedside to develop an exercise program you can participate in while you’re on bed rest. They may also invite you to group classes to help you maintain your strength. Additionally, they can educate you about positioning and body mechanics that can decrease the discomfort that often accompanies prolonged bed rest.

On occasion, women experience increased pelvic pain or leg weakness following delivery. When this occurs, a physical therapist may provide muscle strengthening exercises, body mechanics education, help with walking properly (gait training) and assistive device training to help with mobility. Some patients may require stabilization aids such as an SI belt.

Last UpdateMarch 25, 2011