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It is possible to quit smoking, no matter how long you have been a smoker. Learn more about the health benefits of quitting and how Northwestern Memorial Hospital can assist you in living a smoke-free life.

Benefits of Quitting

The positive effects of quitting are many, some instant and some longer term. If you quit smoking today:

  • Your heart and lungs will work better, allowing your blood to deliver more oxygen throughout your body
  • Your risk for emphysema, stroke, heart disease and some forms of cancer will decrease
  • You could add years to your life
  • You no longer expose loved ones to dangerous second-hand smoke

Guide to Lung Cancer Screening

The National Lung Cancer Screening Trial is the first scientific study providing clear evidence that the low-dose helical computed tomography (CT) scan is an effective screening technique and significantly reduces death due to lung cancer in heavy smokers. Read more about this groundbreaking study.


Smoking and Surgery

If you are preparing to have surgery, it is the perfect time to commit to going tobacco-free. Consider the benefits of going into your surgery as a non-smoker:

  • Oxygen: Your stronger heart and lungs deliver wound-healing oxygen to your body more efficiently
  • Complications: A non-smoker is at less risk from surgery-related complications such as infections, pneumonia, blood clots and heart attack
  • Success Rate: Smokers who quit before surgery have fewer cravings and are more likely to succeed in stopping permanently
  • Smoke-free Recovery: Northwestern Memorial is a smoke-free environment; as a surgical patient, you will be unable to smoke for the duration of your stay, no matter how strong your craving

Options when Quitting

Cigarette smoking is a difficult addiction to overcome. When you are ready to quit, we can help. The smoking cessation program at Northwestern Integrative Medicine is based on the most current and proven methods. Our program, led by a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience helping people quit smoking, is designed to fit your personal needs. Learn about the services available.

Contact Us

For more information, call Northwestern Integrative Medicine at 312-926-DOCS (3627).

Last UpdateApril 8, 2014