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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

For Healthcare Professionals

Transferring Patients to Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Minutes matter with acute stroke. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, working with Superior Critical Care Transport, offers coordination of ground and air transport for patients with stroke from emergency departments within a 200-mile radius of downtown Chicago.

To transfer a patient with stroke to Northwestern Memorial, please call the External Transfer Phone line at 312-926-3321 and state that you are calling regarding a patient with an acute stroke.

You will be connected immediately to a stroke neurology or neurosurgery attending physician who will discuss the case and determine with you the best course of action. You may use this phone number for any patient for whome transfer to Nortwhestern Memorial is desired.

The Northwestern team can coordinate all transportation arrangements. A dedicated critical care team will transport the patient to Northwestern Memorial, where the stroke care team will be waiting to assume immediate care of the patient upon arrival.

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Call the External Transfer Line at 312-926-3321 to arrange a transfer.

Last UpdateJune 13, 2012