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Unique Stroke Symptoms in Women

With stroke, it is always vital to recognize symptoms and act quickly. While these common stroke symptoms may be seen in both men and women, there are also symptoms that women may experience.

If you are a woman and have these symptoms below, you should contact 911 immediately.

Signs & Symptoms

Minutes matter where strokes are concerned, and the sudden onset of these signs and symptoms could indicate a stroke:

Face & limb pain Nausea
Hiccups General weakness or fatigue
Fainting or dizziness Chest pain
Heart palpitations Shortness of breath


Studies have shown that women are as much as one-third less likely to experience classic stroke symptoms than men, which makes it very important to recognize symptoms of stroke that are particular to women.

Recognizing these symptoms as those of a stroke can help a woman get critical healthcare faster, during the critical early period of time when a stroke has occurred.

Contact Us

You can contact the Northwestern Stroke Center at 312-926-5188 or by the external transfer line at 312-926-3321.

Last UpdateJanuary 31, 2013