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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

For Referring Physicians

To schedule an appointment, referring providers may call our office or have their patients call us directly. The phone number for both healthcare providers and patients to call is  312-695-0815

Our phone lines are open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Our clinic hours are on Mondays from 1 to 5 p.m.

Our contact information for referrals is:

Dr. Bethanee Schlosser
Ms. Billie Middleton
Vulvar Mucosal Specialty Clinic
Department of Dermatology
Arkes Family Pavilion
676 N. St. Clair, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312-695-0815
Fax: 312-695-0537

What to Expect after a Referral

After a healthcare provider or patient requests an appointment at the Vulvar Mucosal Specialty Clinic, the clinic nurse will contact the patient directly to initiate the appropriate paperwork. Patients will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their vulvar disease or symptoms. All healthcare providers must provide a written request for consultation before the patient's appointment can be scheduled. In addition, the referring provider must provide a copy of all relevant clinical notes, laboratory results, pathology reports and pathology slides before the appointment date.

Prior to the appointment time, physicians at the Vulvar Mucosal Specialty Clinic will review the patient questionnaire and all health records, which facilitates the ability to provide the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment recommendations at the time of the visit.

Clinic Services

All patients are interviewed and examined by physicians with expertise in dermatology and gynecology. Diagnostic procedures that may be performed, depending on the individual patient presentation, include:

  • Complete mucocutaneous examination
  • Saline wet mount and potassium hydroxide microscopy of vaginal secretions
  • Microbial cultures
  • Vulvar biopsy for routine histopathology, specialized immunofluorescense microscopy and microbial tissue culture
  • Additional laboratory and serologic testing

The clinic staff provides individualized education and support to help women cope with these important and very personal health problems. Coordination of care with and referral to specialists in urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, cognitive behavioral therapy, physical therapy and sexual function counseling may be recommended when appropriate. 

Last UpdateFebruary 8, 2011