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Weight Management

Using evidence-based treatment strategies, the Healthy Weight Program offers adults a comprehensive weight management program that is customized to meet each person’s weight-related medical, emotional and psychosocial needs.

What you can expect from the Healthy Weight Program

Initial Assessment & Medical Evaluation

A physician or nurse practitioner who specializes in weight management will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment and medical evaluation of the medical, biological, emotional and psychosocial issues that affect your weight.

Based upon this in-depth assessment, an individualized weight management treatment plan will be developed (and mutually agreed upon) with the options of focusing on an array of treatment modalities including diet, physical activity, behavior change, psychological counseling, medications and/ or surgery.

If needed, the following services are available:

Nutritional Therapy from a Registered Dietitian

To boost healthy weight loss through diet, a registered dietitian will evaluate your diet habits and coach you on diet strategies like making healthier substitutions, using meal replacement products, controlling portions, using tracking tools, understanding healthy shopping and cooking tips, planning family meals and addressing your mood/food connection if emotional eating is a concern.

Activity/Exercise Program Evaluation from an Exercise Specialist

To increase physical activity which is essential for long-term weight management success, an exercise specialist will evaluate your physical activity habits and coach you on physical activity strategies like building activity into your normal day’s routine, using a pedometer, following aerobic exercise and strength training tips, instructing you on exercise precautions and helping you progress your program safely.

Behavior Modification or Medication Therapy from a Psychologist

To address emotional and psychological issues related to your weight like binge eating disorder, body image disturbances, low self esteem, low motivation or depression or anxiety, a psychologist will evaluate your coping style and habits and help manage your condition using cognitive behavioral therapy and medication therapy if needed.

Lifestyle Coaching

To help you set realistic goals and make gradual changes for lasting success, lifestyle coaching will be provided through frequent contact with a member of our health care team.al therapy and medication therapy if needed.


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Last UpdateMay 5, 2011