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 - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago

What We Offer

What We Offer

The Stroke Center’s mission is to reduce fatalities from stroke as well as any accompanying disability by offering both standard and leading-edge acute stroke care, as well as integrating treatment approaches to help speed recovery and aid rehabilitation.

The Center also seeks to promote healthy lifestyle choices that can help reduce risk for stroke and to provide patient education that informs the public about stroke.

What Patients Can Expect

Upon arrival, Stroke Center neurologists examine the patient within the emergency department, performing testing that may include blood tests and brain scans to pinpoint the cause of the stroke symptoms and whether or not administration of tPA (medicine to remove blood clots) is necessary.

The Stroke Center works closely with referring doctors in order to provide coordinated continuity of care. The program also includes:

  • Treatment options for stroke that include neurosurgical, cerebrovascular and endovascular procedures
  • Consultations with neurologists and neurointerventionists 24/7
  • Seamless patient transfers, whether by ground or by air
  • A neurointensive care unit run by neurointensivists
  • Clinical trials
  • Stroke support groups for survivors and caregivers

Extensively Trained Neuroscience Nurses

The neuroscience nurses at Northwestern Memorial Hospital are extensively trained in management of acute stroke. The Neuro Spine ICU, Neuro Stepdown and neuro acute nurses are all certified in the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) assessment tool.

The NIHSS assessment tool is an essential component in standardizing the assessment of stroke severity in a way that is understood by multiple professions and disciplines. Additionally, many of the nurses are certified in critical care (CCRN), or as neuroscience specialists (CNRN).

As part of our comprehensive approach to stroke care, a nurse stroke specialist is available at all times. An Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) serves as the Comprehensive Stroke Center Coordinator, providing specialized expertise and support for patients, families, and stroke team members, as well as facilitating communication with community-based doctors and emergency departments.

Advancing the Understanding of Stroke

As an academic medical center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital is committed to growing the understanding of cardiovascular disease, through:

Fellowships Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Residencies Training programs
Clinical trials  


Clinical stroke research offers a vital means of developing more effective ways to prevent stroke, manage acute stroke and aid recovery of stroke survivors.

The ongoing clinical trials in Stroke Center research bring advances in drugs, treatments, therapies and procedures that improve the lives of patients and bring about more effective treatment of patients with stroke.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

The Center works with the RIC to offer inpatient rehabilitation and comprehensive care that includes stroke survivors.

Located near the Northwestern Memorial Hospital campus, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is the No. 1 ranked rehabilitation center in the country. The goal is to return patients to an optimal level of function, whether at home, at work, or within the community.

Contact Us

You can contact the Northwestern Stroke Center at 312-926-5188 or by the external transfer line at 312-926-3321.

Last UpdateJanuary 31, 2013